E1 Community Gardeners


The objectives of the Group shall be to support, promote, enhance and improve community gardens, public green spaces, parks and streets in and around the post code area of London E1. Work in partnership with landlords, land owners, LBTH and other stakeholders to improve bio-diversity, help develop and sustainably maintain communal gardens, green open spaces and street planting.

Through practical gardening and sustainable organic horticultural practice, promote awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of nature in our urban environment. Work in partnership with residents and users to provide mutual support to all sections of the community and help improve access and foster a sense of ownership and appreciation of nature in the urban environment.

Work with volunteers to share skills and expertise for the improvement of the environment through promotion of local food production and healthy eating.

Help advance community cohesion through gardening and cultivation by learning and sharing diverse cultural experiences, practical horticultural skills and knowledge.

Provide opportunities for improving physical and mental health and promote wellbeing through horticulture, ecology and care for the environment. Foster education & research as it relates to ecology of community gardens and urban green spaces. The Group will raise funds, receive grants and donations for the purposes of helping advance the groups objectives.

Membership of E1CG entitles individuals to participate in the group’s meetings, vote in the election of Officers and Trustees, approach the Group and its membership for advice and support with regards to its aims and take an active role in the group’s projects.